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CEREP carries its “First Food Conference 2023”

CEREP carries its “First Food Conference 2023”

Last Thursday, June 8th, a triad of Panamanian business consulting firms encompassing Inteligencia Comercial (INTELCOMER), Centro Retail de Panamá, (CEREP), and the Mappin Group held the First Food Conference 2023.

The event’s main objective was to present a detailed analysis of the national Food & Beverage sector, providing insights into the industry and utilizing this information as a tool for decision-making in business.

The activity was aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, executives from primary sector companies, the food-and-agriculture industry, wholesale commercial distributors, retailers, and food services.

Representatives from companies such as Aguas Cristalinas, Productos Kiener, Súper Barú, Casa Siu, Pedersen Fine Foods, Mercaquímicos S.A., Prerelt Meats, FAS Panama from the United States Embassy, Technological University of Panama, Interamerican University of Panama, among others, participated.

The conference, which lasted 2 hours, consisted of two sessions. Mr. Rigoberto González, economist and director of the Retail Center of Panama (CEREP), presented the topic “Theoretical and Statistical Analysis of the Food & Beverage Sector Indicators for 2022 and early 2023”.

On the other hand, Mr. Fidel Cedeño, General Manager of Mappin Group, presented the topic on the “Bitrax Model of Consumption and Distribution of some Products from the Basic Food Basket in the Districts of Panama and San Miguelito in 2023”.

The virtual conference was sponsored by the radio program, “Ventana Comercial,” broadcasted by Radio Ancón and the Logistics Guide and Bitrax.

This conference is part of an educational system (4 quarterly conferences) that allows interaction with companies and public entities from various sectors dedicated to regulating, producing, importing, and commercializing food products.