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Trade Fair to showcase the innovative world of interlogistics

Trade Fair to showcase the innovative world of interlogistics

February 12-14 in Barcelona

The 2020 version of the Pick & Pack Trade Fair, considered one of the most innovative international commercial rendezvous with regard to interlogistics 4.0, will take place at the Centre de Convencions Internacional (CCIB) of Barcelona, Spain, February 12-14.

Targeted at large, as well as at small-and-medium-sized businesses of the «packaging» sector, the event will attract over 7,000 professionals of the industry, who will also participate in the 2020 European Interlogis Summit, which will address the latest innovations and technological solutions related to competitiveness and the adaptation of businesses to digital transformation (i.e. process control and automated distribution centers).

A total of 180 international keynote speakers will cover 12 vertical topics on relevant aspects, such as the latest advancements in digitalization, the Internet of Things, intelligent logistics, cross-docking, and artificial intelligence.

In summary, the Pick & Pack Trade Fair was created to motivate industry members to leverage from both state-of-the-art technology as well from as e-commerce at the dawn of the third decade of the 21st Century.  In this context, intelligent interlogistics is vital for any company wishing to increase its productivity and profitability, especially in the process of merchandise reception, storage, and distribution.

Likewise, the event constitutes an excellent platform for logistics professionals and their companies to exchange experiences, products, innovations, and knowledge with the purpose of transforming the sector and their businesses by overcoming new challenges.